Stefanie Fryzel

Stefani Fryzel (aka DYLN) has spent two decades in the music industry as an artist, songwriter, and music producer. Her work has been nominated for a grammy, featured on the Billboard Chart for Emerging Artists, nominated for radio music awards, and appeared in film and television. She is the creator of “The Songwriter Series” an online event that offers mentorship from award-winning songwriters and is the host of “Self-Care for The Creative,” a podcast that discusses self-care strategies for people in creative communities.

Self-Care for the Creative: A Survival Guide for Creatives, Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Self-Care for the Creative is the survival guide every artist didn’t know they needed to live an empowered life in a creative field. In this practical how-to-guide, artist/songwriter and author Stefani Fryzel offers up 7 chapters of self-care strategies and techniques for creatives, empaths and highly sensitive people living outside-of-the-box lifestyles in music, art and entertainment. You’ll learn to:

-Nail the basics of self-care

-Thrive as an empowered empath and highly sensitive person

-Nurture your creativity, maximize your creative process and tend to your inner child

-Manage yourself (and your team) in a creative career field

-Tap into your spiritual side

-Design a self-care toolkit unique to you!

By the end of Self-Care for the Creative, you’ll have a plan of attack, tools and techniques for when disaster strikes, and the skills to overcome any self-care emergency.