Rue L’Hommedieu

Rue L’Hommedieu is a debut author, an active motion picture and television Teamster, and a lover of travel, old movies, and blueberry wine.  Rue resides in the southeast United States and is currently working on a second novel, releasing in Fall 2023.  Rue invites you to check out the website:

Because of the Night

Icky is a quirky girl with humorous ADHD impulses. Fully convinced she’s mismatched with her complicated family, and willing to risk everything to prove it, she embarks on a one-night adventure on a magical boat.

It all starts one fall evening when Icky loses an unwinnable fight with her brainiac twin brother. Even if she uses her self-taught coping routine to tune-out, detach, and move on, it’s simply no match for the gazillions of thoughts that jam in the middle of her throat. As this ball of words unclogs in a huge explosion, it can’t be contained any longer… “Shut the front door—I must be in the wrong family!” Feeling invincible, the girl carries a pillow, a hastily packed doll case, and a clear decision—she must leave on a quest to find her true family.

But this will be no ordinary night. After meeting a mysterious Old Lady who appears on a magical boat, the girl is assured: “If you still believe you’re in the wrong family come morning, you’ll be whisked away to another one—forever.” Icky has one night to decide her fate. Will this simple promise solve her dilemma, or is it an eerie warning of things to come?