Rachel Rider

Rachel Rider weaves modalities rarely experienced in the professional world into executive coaching and the MettaWorks Method at her elite agency–bringing radical ease, spaciousness, and transformation to tech leaders.

Rachel began her career at Bloomberg as an HR Business Partner responsible for developing and coaching leaders and teams.  She went on to specialize in leadership coaching at AppNexus (since acquired by AT&T) and Digital Ocean, the third-largest hosting company in the world.  This on-the-ground experience gave Rachel insight into the most pressing issues leaders face at every level, complementing her executive coaching certification from prestigious Columbia University.

Who You Are is How You Lead

“Get ready to turn the invisible visible and stand in the true power of your leadership.”

You have run large teams. You are not new to leadership. And yet, you are often exhausted at the end of the day. You feel like a servant to the company. You often wonder, isn’t there a better way of doing this?

As a leader at the upper echelons of a company, the relationships that you have matter more than the deliverables themselves. Your relationships are the only way you can get things done at this level. AND. In order to have successful relationships, you first have to attend to the relationship you have with yourself. It is vital to know yourself in order to know how to be successful with other people. The inner work required to accomplish this, and reach the power and influence you want, is what this book is all about.

Over the course of this book, Rachel Rider shares with you the process she’s only ever shared with her elite clientele: a step-by-step to the very skills and inner work you need to cultivate this relationship with yourself so you can master the interpersonal in your career.