Rachel Madorsky

Rachel Madorsky is a bestselling author, psychotherapist, and founder of Love Your Life, LLC a soulful executive coaching and professional development company where she guides women entrepreneurs, visionaries and CEOs to experience more love, ease and wealth in all its forms. She has been featured on Forbes, Psychology Today, CBS News, FOX Austin,The Learning Channel, and SXSX Interactive.

Rachel’s mission is to love and inspire the world by helping women give themselves everything they ever wanted in life, now. Her goal for the book is to sell and share a million copies so that a million people feel more loved.

How to love Yourself in Less Than a Week

In How to Love Yourself in Less Than a Week and Also for the Rest of Your Life, beloved psychotherapist and success coach Rachel Madorsky, LCSW, teaches with a light-hearted touch how to do just that! Rachel gives you the tools – and the permission – to love yourself fully, which means more love for you, and more love for others.

And that’s how you change the world!