Marjie Hadad

Marjie Hadad is an international public relations expert, the general manager of Must Have Communication & Consulting, an Amazon Number 1 bestselling author, an award-winning TV producer, as well as a coach and a speaker on how to apply public relations strategies to parenting, life and careers.

The Power of PR Parenting is her first book.

Marjie holds a BS in Broadcast Journalism and an MA in International Relations both from Boston University. She is married and is the mother of three children. She lives in Israel and the United States.

The Power of PR Parenting

The Power of PR Parenting is an essential read for every working parent, in and outside of the house. Marjie Hadad, a global public relations expert, shares her personal and professional journeys as well as her successes and mistakes, to illustrate how to mirror her wins and avoid the same hiccups. Step-by-step, with humor and straight talk, Marjie shows you how to use strategic public relations techniques to help your child:

  • Part with their pacifier willingly
  • Develop superior writing, language and presentation skills
  • Build self-confidence, self-love, resilience, respect & tolerance
  • Deal with bullies and sexual predators—online and on the street
  • Handle crises in today’s post pandemic world—small and large
  • Make the effort and enjoy the journey

and you to:

  • Look at time differently
  • Strike a more harmonious work-family balance
  • Keep your cool with 10 balls in the air and the pressure rising
  • Be more present for your child
  • Carve out mommy me time
  • Grant your child the opportunity to soar on their own