Maggie Paredes

Maggie Paredes lives in Orlando, Florida with her two dogs and her music producer/professor husband, J.R.  By day, she is an elementary school teacher, and by night, she reads like it is her second job.  Maggie’s travels abroad to Japan, Mexico, Spain, and India, as well as her two years living in South Korea (including her work with North Korean refugees while there), inspired the story.  On a Rooftop in Beijing is her first book.

On a Rooftop in Beijing

In On a Rooftop in Beijing, Sloane finds her heart beating for more than just swimming. It is pounding to be with a guy who is off limits and whose very existence in her life could be dangerous.

Jae Sung is anything but just a swimmer. He’s a North Korean with a heart for more than his aquatic sport. He finds himself falling in love with a girl that should be off limits and could not only wreck his chances at winning Olympic Gold, but at survival.

Will their relationship work out, or will they decide that true love isn’t worth risking your life over?