Lori Lindbergh

Dr. Lori Lindbergh is an I/O psychologist and Wellness Investment Strategist at LORIUS Lifestyle, and creator of the Well-Leader Mindset™ Strategic Progression Framework. Lori was an unwell-leader for over thirty years until she cracked the code to end her wellness cognitive dissonance and achieve incredible health and wellness integrating mindset change, business strategy, wellness coaching, and lifestyle medicine aligned with financial investment concepts.

Her innovative wellness investing framework helps leaders optimize their health and wellness ROI by stepping into the degree of wellness and chronic disease risk acceptance that feels authentic and fits their lifestyle. When leaders become well, they understand how to create a ripple effect of well-being in their organizations. Lori’s possibilities thinking and her rare combination of education, experience, and board certifications contribute to her unique perspective and thought leadership, which helps her leadership clients get unstuck, quiet their dissonance, and finally become the CEO of their wellness.

Lori currently lives in western Pennsylvania with her husband David and their plant-powered dog, Luna. She loves to unleash her creativity in the kitchen by experimenting and preparing whole food, plant-based versions of her favorite meals. Lori is available for keynote speaking, presentations, organizational programs, and strategic wellness workshops. To find out more about Lori, her innovative framework, and how she can support you and your organization visit www.loriuslifestyle.com or www.well-leadermindset.com.


Well-Leader Mindset: Optimize Your Health and Wellness ROI

Stop reading if you are looking for a quick-fix, magic pill, breakthrough technology, miracle food, or super supplement to repair your poor health credit. Don’t wait until you bankrupt your health before you take control; just ask those who have already lost theirs what they would wish for. Keep reading if you are ready to treat your health as an important wealth.

Most health and wellness self-help books simply provide chapter after chapter of tactics. However, poor health and wellness is NOT an action problem; it’s a mindset problem. So get ready to forget everything you think you know about health and wellness!

Join Dr. Lori on a 12-week transformational journey from unwell leader to savvy wellness investor by shifting to a WELL-LEADER MINDSET™. Lori’s proprietary Wellness Investing Framework is the only one of its kind to help you get out of wellness bankruptcy and experience the wealth of health. Combined with her essential WLM INVESTMENT GUIDE, you get to design your life to support incredible wellness by creating your authentic Lifestyle Wellness Strategic Plan