Lauren Erickson

Lauren Erickson was raised in the Kansas City, Missouri area. She has a background in elementary education and moved to Chicago to earn a master’s in educational policy from Loyola University Chicago in 2020. She worked as a book launcher for an Inc. 5000 company where she helped numerous Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors release their own stories. Lauren currently lives in the north suburbs of Chicago with her life partner. The Finer Things Club is her first book.

The Finer Things Club: The Summertime Chronicles of a Yellowstone Housekeeping Employee

As a 20-year-old college student and devout people pleaser, Lauren spent most of her young adult life doing everything she was supposed to do—studying, testing, and job hunting. One empty summer day, she decided to travel 1,300 miles to work for two seasons in the most desolate region in the United States: Yellowstone National Park.

With zero connections or internet service, Lauren ventured off into the Wyoming woods in search of the confidence she needed to become her truest self. Told with wit and style, The Finer Things Club captures the intimate moments of a life in the world’s very first national park.