Allison G. Smith

Raised in sleepy northeast Connecticut, Allison Smith lived many years in New York before migrating to Colorado where she currently resides with her rescue cats, Alexandra and Duchess. She’s been a professional pianist, business executive, commercial property manager, and marketing consultant. Allison has always been writing, either professionally or for pleasure. She dabbled in pet poems and illustrated children’s stories before focusing on fiction. The New Tenant is her first book.

The New Tenant

Once the socialite wife of a multi-millionaire, Angela Wilcox is now a penniless fifty-something widow, residing in a dilapidated boarding house on the outskirts of the city. She fills her days attempting to recover some part of her former life. To be productive. To be relevant. To matter again.

One morning Angela encounters an enigmatic new tenant, Jack Ford. She is initially repulsed by his boisterous, presumptuous, almost intrusive nature. Where did he come from and what is he doing here, of all places? Over time, she begins to admire Jack’s genuinely outgoing nature and his appreciation for simple pleasures. Eventually, she finds herself opening a part of herself long closed and comes to depend on him… Until she discovers what she believes to be his real reason for staying at this house.